2018-2019 Class Blog (Previous Academic Year)

19th July 2019

Wow, the end of our year in Reception.  What a great year we have had, we all have lots of great memories! 

Enjoy the holidays  and good luck to everyone in Year 1! 

5th July

Today we went to Washington Wetland Centre for a visit. Whilst we were there we went pond dipping and learnt how to identify the creatures that we had caught in the net, using the identification book. 

We went to the duckery and saw the ducklings that were a few weeks old.  We met a duck that had just arrived in Washington that morning, as it had been transported from another Wetland Centre.

Before lunch we saw the otters being fed and they were enjoying a swim in the muddy water.  The flamingos also had their food and we learnt some facts about them.  We practised standing on one leg like a flamingo.

After our picnic, we went for a walk and fed the ducks on our route and then finished our walk with a quick play in the park.

We had a great day!



5th July 2019


Today we released our butterflies into the garden as they were all ready to be released. 

We watched them as they flew around the garden in the warmth of the sun.


Watch out for any Painted Lady butterflies near your homes, they could be the ones that we have released!



27th June 2019


Exciting news! We have butterflies! We began with 10 chrysalides and butterflies have emerged from half of them!

We noticed some of the chrysalises jiggling and wiggling around, and then butterflies slowly began to emerge!
We knew their wings would be wet and wrinkly at first, but it wasn't long before they were dry and beginning to flutter about the butterfly garden.

We know from our research, that butterflies like to drink sweet nectar from flowers, so we put in some sugary water and pieces of banana and satsuma so that they had some sweet treats to feed on.

Read our fabulous writing inspired by our observations!


18th June 2019

All of our caterpillars have become  chrysalides. We have stood them in the chrysalis station and placed them in our butterfly garden.  

We are waiting to see what happens to them next! 

14th June 2019

Did you know..?

When a caterpillar has eaten enough to make itself strong, it will stick to the underside of a twig in the shape of a letter "J" and begin to create a chrysalis.

Our first hungry caterpillar has made its way to the lid of the pot and stuck itself in place! See the letter "J"? The others will follow soon, and when they are all stuck in place, we will transfer the lid of the pot to our special 'butterfly garden" where we will watch the next part of their transformation.

Ask your child to explain what will happen next. They are sure to astound you with their knowledge!


12th June 2019 

The caterpillars are continuing to grow. 

We have had great discussions about  the changes that we have observed.

We found out that the brown balls that we can see in the cup are the caterpillar’s poo and the little black balls are the skin that they have shed. 

We all agreed with Thomas  when he said  “I can’t wait for the transformation!” 


This week we are reading the story of ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’ which  tells the story of Cody the Caterpillar  and how she is a little bit unsure of turning into a butterfly. However, when she does, she loves to be able to fly! 



7th June 2019

The caterpillars are growing fast. They have almost doubled in size since Monday. 

They have made sticky webs to help protect themselves. 



4th June 2019

We have some new friends in Reception!

We are looking after 10 caterpillars  .... what do you think will happen to them? 

Keep an eye out for our updates on our caterpillar diary! 


24th May 2019

We have had a busy few weeks using the story of ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees as a basis for our learning. 

We talked about where the story was set and who the main characters were. 

We have produced some amazing stories about Gerald the giraffe, using lots of descriptive words.

Gerald also helped us with our Maths.  We have been solving problems involving doubling, halving and sharing.  Gerald had a picnic and we needed to share the food amongst Gerald and his friends.






Hello! Welcome to our very first Reception Blog! We  have had a wonderful start to the Summer Term. Our topic is "Wild About Animals" and we have been talking about pets at home, comparing them to animals in the jungle and rain-forest. If you have any photographs of your own pets, please can you send them with your children as we would like to begin class displays.