2018-2019 Class Blog (Previous Academic Year)


Monday 1st July 2019


Last week in Science we carried out an investigation to see if we could change the colour of white flowers. We added food colouring to the water and then made predictions about what we thought would happen. This week we examined the flowers and found that the petals had changed colour. It was very exciting! Some of our predictions were correct! We found out that the coloured water travels up the stem of the flowers and to the petals. We drew pictures and wrote about our findings.







Thursday 27th June 2019


This week in Maths we have been learning about money. We have looked at different coins and notes and ordered them from the lowest value to the highest value. Our teachers challenged us to find different ways to make 10p and 20p. We are excellent problem solvers!






Wednesday 26th June 2019


We had a fantastic time at our Fit and Fun day. We enjoyed completing the activities and the grown ups seemed to enjoy them too. The smoothie maker exercise bike was one of our favourite stations. We all had fun cycling on the bike to make the blender work. We thought the smoothie was delicious!







Thursday 20th June 2019


We had a fantastic time on our visit to West Boldon Lodge today. First we had to collect sticks to build a den. Some of the sticks were bigger than us so we had to work together to carry them. Next we went on a scavenger hunt in the forest to collect the things on our list such as: a thin leaf, bark, a fir cone, something bendy and something soft. It was tricky to find all of the things on the list but we were great explorers. Then we used the things we had found to make den guardians who guarded our dens while we had our lunch. It was very messy squashing the mud onto the tree to make the faces but we loved it! After lunch we went back to the forest and found a willow tree and we carefully cut some branches off. When we had peeled them our guide used them to toast marshmallows over the fire for us. They were delicious and even the grown ups got to try one! We were very safe around the campfire and showed excellent listening skills. Our teachers were very proud of us and said we were brilliant ambassadors for our school!







Friday 14th June 2019


We have been very busy this week and have worked very hard! In Literacy we read the story of Prince Cinders and had lots of fun retelling it through role play. We enjoyed this story and thought it was very funny, especially when all of the spells kept going wrong! We were very enthusiastic when we wrote about it and were able to retell the story adding lots of detail and describing words. 





Tuesday 21st May 2019

Thank you very much to Peter, from Hylton Castle Heritage group for visiting us today!  He brought in artefacts and clothes for us to explore and we even had a mock banquet.  Lord Luca and Lady Lexi were entertained by our 'jesters' who sung, danced and told jokes, Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Thompson even offered a wonderful rendition of 'Sing a song of sixpence'.  We aren't certain whether their singing was entertaining or not...although they thought they sounded great!





Wednesday 15th May 2019

Today we have been learning all about 'respect'.  We talked about how we can respect others and ourselves, as well as our environment.  We worked in small groups to come up with ideas about how we can show respect.




Monday 13th May 2019

Thank you for sending in the leaves that you helped the children to find at the weekend.  After recapping the facts about deciduous and evergreen trees, we set about researching!  We used the internet and also a fact file to find out which tree the leaves came from.  We also had a go at leaf rubbing which was great fun and helped us to see the veins that carry the water through the leaves.



Well done Riley for your fantastic leaf collecting and naming!



Excellent researching Layton!  You found out which tree your leaf came from!



Great fun doing leaf rubbings and matching the leaf to a tree!




Thursday 2 May 2019

It was our last session with coach Kyle today.  He has been teaching us how to bat and bowl and we have been learning about cricket.  We would like to say a huge thank you to Kyle from All Star Cricket for helping us to have lots of fun!  






Wednesday 1 May 2019

We have had a lovely start to the term... this week we have been learning about ‘deciduous’ and ‘evergreen’ trees.  We can tell you lots of facts about them and how you can tell the difference by looking at the leaves!  Our teachers have asked us to look for different shaped leaves and to bring them into school, where we can research and find out which trees they have come from.