Year 2 Blog

Thursday 19th September 2019

This morning we had a fantastic walk to explore our local coastline. We followed a map to find the beach and spotted local landmarks on the way. On the beach we looked in the rock pools, collected pebbles and wrote our names in the sand. We hope you like looking at our photos.


Wednesday 18th September 2019


We have been doing some fantastic artwork today in Year 2. Some children were sketching pictures from the Smiley Shark story thinking carefully about drawing the shape and then using shading to add detail. Other children were exploring making pictures of sea creatures using powder paints, water colours or oil pastels. We thought about what we could see in the pictures and looked carefully at details that had been included. We are trying to become good illustrators by thinking about what colours we need to use, staying in the lines and not leaving any white gaps when colouring.  


Wednesday 11th September 2019


Welcome to our blog! We have had a fantastic first week back at school and looking forward to a great year ahead. Our new teachers are impressed with how well we have settled into Year 2.

This week, in Maths we have been working with tens and ones and showed how we can represent numbers in different ways. In English we have read a story called Smiley Shark and made a list of exciting adjectives to describe the main character. We have also had fun making different shades of a colour by adding black or white and will be exploring this further over the next two weeks. 

Our topic for this half term is 'Living by the sea' and we have lots of exciting things planned. We are going to be learning about our local area and coastline and thinking about the types of habitats they provide for plants and animals.

We will keep our blog updated regularly so you can see the fun we have learning throughout the year!